The 7 Days of the Holiday: Holiday Wine Gift Guide

Have a picky wine lover in your life and not sure what to my them? Check out Wine Inculturated’s 7 Days of the Holiday Wine Gift Guide.  Each of these businesses are local and small. Some are women and minority-owned businesses. From $7.50 wine coasters to a $3,600 harvest wine trip to Portugal, these wine gift options are endless.

1. Revel x Vette’s Vineyards Summer Sipper. Price: $27-30 per bottle.

Available at: Revel OTR Urban Winery, Findlay Market Wines, The Wine Merchant, Brontè Bistro, & Standard Beer.

Revel OTR Urban Winery teamed up with Yvette Simpson’s wine brand, Vette’s Vineyards, to craft a beautiful Red Blend with 6 barrels of 5 delectable wine varieties made from 100-year old vines from Lodi, Califoria.

What happens when Zinfandel aged in French Oak for 18 months marries Zinfandel aged in American oak from 6 months? Magic! What about when it’s blended with Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Sangiovese — a Lioness Red Blend!

Like the Lioness on the label, this wine is powerful by nature and delicate by design. Crafted as the perfect summer sipper, this complex red blend is a wine that you can enjoy all year —in the summer, winter, spring and fall!

An aromatic wine with a touch of cracked pepper and black plum with stewed tomato and herbaceous notes that tickle your nose.

With its silky texture, tart cherry and juicy plum flavors glide across the palate. Rounded medium tannins allow the luscious fruit and spice flavors to linger while the balanced acidity makes this the perfect sipper.

2. Pour Candle Company Wine Scented Candles. Price from $22-36 each, depending on size.

Pour Candle Co. is a luxury line of candles and home fragrance products inspired by all things wine and cocktails.


3. Terratorium Rosè Wines.  Price: $28 per bottle

This Rosé of Grenache walks the fine line of bright and crisp structure while still maintaining a burst of juicy fruit flavors that leave your mouth watering. The dominant flavors in the wine are characterized by grapefruit, lemongrass, strawberry, and cucumber. Notes of watermelon, peach blossom, and lime can be found too.  The structure is driven by the crisp acidity and short palate-cleansing finish. 

100% Grenache

Starfield Vineyard

El Dorado AVA – Placer County

4. Wine Inculturated Merchandise. Price: From $7.50 to $35. 

Wine Inculturated has all the wine-inspired merchandise you need this season. Everything from wine coasters to insulated wine tumblers, from wine bags and wine journals to wine-inspired tee shirts. A great gift for the wine lover in your life.

5. New Riff Distilling Winter Whiskey. Price: $54.99.

100 Proof Whiskey, bottled in bond. Aged 4 years. [Mashbill: 65% corn, 20% malted oats, 7% pale ale malt, 5% steel cut raw oats & 3% chocolate ale malt]

Winter Whiskey is a Bourbon with the unique spice of raw and malted oats, backed by roasted cocoa notes of chocolate malt.

When we considered putting oats in a Bourbon, our minds went to the chocolate oatmeal stouts we enjoyed in our brewing careers. Those rich stouts, and resultant, “Winter Whiskey,” imbue our palates with the warmth and cheer of the season.

It’s quite a unique Bourbon, unlike anything we’ve ever made or tasted. The experience is something of a three-way conversation between the dry cocoa quality of the chocolate malt; a balanced amount of oak; and this unique spicy quality (sort of like kasha-style buckwheat, perhaps blueberry skin) quite distinct from that of rye. The finish dances away on the oaty spice, dusted with Belgian cocoa. Despite the suggestion of “chocolate” in the grains and the name, it never turns cloying, tending to delicate dryness.


6. Pour Mobile Wine Bar Mixology Kit Cocktail Smoker. Price: $75.

A Complete Kit (without Butane). Cocktail smoker kit that is complete with everything you need to smoke your favorite spirit or cocktail. Smoking chips come in three flavors: maple, bourbon smoke, and apple.

7. Wine Inculturated Portugal Wine Trip: $3,600 per person, double occupancy [flight not included]. 

Enjoy 7 days and 6 nights in Southern Alentejo, Portugal during wine harvest. Includes 5-star accommodations, private curated and exclusive vineyard tours with paired farm-to-table meals, and tour a cork facility. Learn the history of Portugal while experiencing one of the best wine regions in the world.



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