Private Wine Tasting Events

Wine is joy. Drinking wine is an experience that is best shared with others. In each glass is a story of a place, a people, a culture, each with a history and a journey. Uncorking a bottle and sharing a glass is about unlocking that story while sharing yours.

Wine Inculturated provides virtual and in-person wine tastings. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio our virtual tastings are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our in-person tastings are available in Cincinnati, but we also travel — let us know where you are and we will build a program that meets your needs, where you are.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Our private virtual wine tastings are curated, informative, and engaging. We design a tasting that is tailored to your group and/or special occasion, making sure everyone feels welcome and included.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Book a private virtual wine tasting session for your family, friends, organization, or company to celebrate any occasion or no occasion at all — who needs a reason to get together an enjoy wine?

Your tasting will be curated just for you, with a wine list and recommended retailers in your area, or wine can be ordered and shipped directly from the producer or one of our partner distributors. We start with the FUNdamentals, teaching you how to approach and taste wine so you are ready for any future wine event or experience. We then learn about each wine, including who makes it, where it is from, and what makes it special. We will also learn to identify the flavors and aromas, and the best foods to pair with each wine.

In-Person Wine Tasting

We provide fun, curated, tailored in-person tastings for you and your family, friends, and co-workers. The wine, the education, and the food are all provided. All we need to do is bring your crew!

In-Person Wine Tasting

If you are looking for a fun, engaging and special experience for your birthday, anniversary, or corporate event, book us for a private, in-person wine event. We can bring the tasting to your home, office, or event space, or we can help secure a location near you. We will curate a wine list just for your event that includes snack or food pairings.

Whether your event is casual or formal, we will curate an experience tailored just for your special occasion. We can work directly with your favorite or designated food vendors on wine pairings, or we can provide a list of potential vendors to provide the snacks or food for your event.


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