Wine creates connection; it brings people together.

Let’s Take a “Sip” Together

I teach people the fundamentals of wine while helping people understand that wine is cultural — it is an expression of distinct cultures. Wine is personal — the wine you love is the wine you love and you bring your own personal experiences, tastes, and cultural expression to the wine experience.

Wine is my love language and I want to share it with the world.

In 1998, I lived abroad in Italy, studying Italian language and culture. In addition to learning about the history, the people, and the culture, I learned about wine. Though not on the syllabus, wine was the fabric of my every experience and interaction. We would sit around the table, laughing and singing while eating great food and drinking great wine. Those experiences transcended differences in language and culture. By the end of my time in Italy, I had a new family. I was sent home with a bottle of wine, grappa, and limoncello made by people who were once perfect strangers.

Years later, I continue to enjoy wine at home and in my travels across the country and abroad. During the pandemic, I began making wine at home and started my formal wine education journey. Teaching people about wine, breaking down the barriers that currently exist in the wine world, and making people feel the same kinship and connection that I experienced in Italy more than 20 years ago has become my mission.


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